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Looking for an affordable, family orientated, welcoming, and fun way to train? We are currently the only martial arts school in Derby that offers fantastic Value For Money with a wide selection of face-to-face classes for you to jump in to.

Are you body conscious? Worried about being a beginner? introverted? Or unsure if this is for you? don't worry we've got you! our members have been exactly where you are and they're confident, strong and kicking butts!    

At Evolution Kickboxing our members are the backbone of everything we do, with our bespoke training methods literally anyone can train. We know everyone is different and will want to progress at different rates, if you're the casual light hearted soul that just wants to get the family together, or if you're the hardcore burpee master, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Oh and one last thing! We're BMABA (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) Approved! Yay us...

Don't believe us? read our members testimonials below and see what they're saying about us... 

We first met Nicky when we enrolled my stepson (and ourselves) to a martial arts academy to help with his self confidence as he was experiencing being bullied....that was over 11 yrs ago. Nicky has been a constant be it for 1:2:1 personal training, fitness boot camps and martial arts training. She has worked with me through 2 pregnancies, brought my other half through to training for his 2nd degree black belt and is now training my 6yr old daughter and as soon as my youngest daughter is old enough, will train her too. Nicky is amazing as a tutor, so incredibly knowledgeable and allows everyone to work at their own pace without judgement. 
Evolution academy itself is a fabulous place where supporting each other has evolved with all students, young and old, and that’s down to the exceptional leadership of Nicky.

Natalie Laurs

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