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Do you 'Judo Chop' like Austin Powers or are you aspiring to be the next McGregor? All of our classes are for mixed skills, so all you need to do is pick what's best for you and rock some cotton socks!

St Edmunds Church (Shelton Lock) - Monday 7:30pm

Adults Only

St Edmunds Church (Shelton Lock)  - Tuesday 5 pm

Kids Only - Learn the ways of the Dojo Dobe

Darley Abby Stables - Tuesday 7:30

Adults Only

Borrowash, The Ashbrook Centre - Friday 5pm

Kids Kickboxing - Learn the ways of the Dojo Dobe

Borrowash, The Ashbrook Centre - Friday 6pm

All ages and abilities

St Edmunds Church (Shelton Lock)  - Saturdays 12:30 pm

All ages and abilities

Borrowash, The Ashbrook Centre - Sunday 9:30am


Borrowash, The Ashbrook Centre - Sunday 10:30am

All ages and abilities

1-2-1 Training

Get the 1-2-1 attention! Drop us a line to get our availability

Punch With Style

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