Price List

If you become a Pay Monthly member you get a free mystery bag at sign up (lucky you)

After deciding what classes and payment structure suites you best. Drop us a line and we'll have a chat with you to see where you are and get you living your best life.

*All memberships require Personal Insurance to be purchased, Don't worry it comes with tonnes of benefits, to give you peace of mind if you ever need it*

**1-2-1's are not included in the pay monthly subscription.**

£5 PAYG Per class

Drop-in Drop-out, if you can't commit to all classes we've got you. Pay whenever you train!

£17.50 Train Once a week (Pay Monthly)

Once a week or twice a fortnight, if you work shifts or you have other commitments this one is for you.

£30 per month Unlimited Individual Membership

Fancy attending more than just 1 class a week? This one is for you! Train as much as you like for £30 per month

£70 per month Unlimited Family Membership

Getting your family involved? This one is for you guys! Bring the whole clan with this membership and train as much as you like!

£330 Annual Membership (Unlimited Individual)

Don't fancy paying every month? Pay upfront for the whole year and you can focus on your training, worry free.

£770 Annual Membership (Unlimited Family)

Get you and the family fighting fit, doesn't matter if its just the offspring that need something to do after school or you want to join in too!

£15p/h PAYG Personal Training

The Drop in-Drop out 1-2-1s feeling like you need a little more practice this is for you, bespoke training to get you to where you're going!

£60 Monthly Personal Training (1 session Per Week)

Consistency is key! if you feel like classes aren't enough or you want to get to know what this is all about but don't have the confidence to hit the classes, this is for you!

£120 Monthly Personal Training (2 Sessions Per Week)

Boss Mode is for you guys! this is focused on getting the most out of your training! this focus' on your technique, power, and attitude!

£150 12 Session Personal Training

This is for 'The Beasts' this is 12 Personal Training sessions, you can take these whenever you want! Span them throughout the year, or just smash them out in a month.

**Personal Insurance**

All Memberships will require a 12 month Personal Insurance (£30 for individual or £70 for Family Memberships) See the 'Join Now' Page to see the list of benefits you'll receive.

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